Why do you avoid me like the plague? What am I to you, a monster?  What’s wrong with me enjoying your company?  Is that such a crime?

People CAN be put in boxes, and deserved to be put away on the shelf where they belong, with correct labeling like “NEVER AGAIN” or “TOLDJA SO”.


I’ll never forget you as the boy who took me
on my first motorcycle ride
and then dropped me like a ball,
even after calling me China.

I’ll never forget you as you are now, an arrogant idiot
who seems to misunderstand the value in friendship,
as it is a gift you don’t mind throwing away
before even opening it.

poetry writing

At work on Labor Day. The only guest I have is a crow who is banging her beak into to the window and making weird animal noises.

Breathing room.

I’ve forgotten that while you’re eager to save a friend from drowning in the ocean, the first thing they need to do when you pull them back to surface is breathe. Let them breathe. They need to re-learn how to do this on their own. Sometimes a pat on the back makes it harder for them, so just hold them in place and let them breathe.