If only you knew…
I’m at a college that is waaaaay too much for my family but somehow every semester I have been able to attend. Oh how the Lord provides! I have learned so much about worldviews from a Biblical perspective from godly Christian professors who are dedicated to training young men and women to be a light in the dark. I am undeserving of it all, yes, and that’s why I am thankful. My goal with my degree is to share the good news and love of Christ to those in other counties, as well as be a part of an organization that provides necessities and education for those who can’t afford it.

So, anon who didn’t seem to understand my gratefulness for a new computer and less expensive bill (because of people dying around the world), those two things will allow me to graduate and later help those in need. That’s what I want to do with my life, and first I’d like to get a few A’s on these papers I’ll be writing for my full time student classload, all while working two jobs to earn my way.

If only you understood.

God has never led me where He did not supply all of my needs by His grace. Less than 24 hours ago, I posted a somewhat vague but truthful prayer request, and already a brand new laptop was given to me while a mountainous bill was diminished today. It has been a very emotional 24 hours. Thank you friends for praying in the name of Christ Jesus.

just so you know, green eyes, when i heard you were sleeping on the hardwood floor and said “oh i’ve got plenty of extra blankets and pillows, i’ll lend you mine!”, i lied. i’m currently huddled under a pile of clothes and using my backpack as a pillow.

but i wanted to sleep knowing you were warm and comfortable… even if it meant using my bedding.

-your friend who’s five inches taller but doesn’t mind wearing heels around you

A Sad World

After my first time in a “lounge/club” I am deeply saddened by the harsh reality of a cheap way to cheat the reality of mortality and use alcohol as a way to justify certain acts and speech.  It was horrendous.  I was mortified for these men and women who were acting completely inappropriate around each other, things I’d rather not mention.  Of course, the carnal side of me wondered for a moment if I could have that much fun after a few drinks, but that’s why I only ever have one drink per evening.

Then I started thinking of you guys on tumblr.  Half of you are talking about how drunk you are at times.  And it makes me sad that you resort to such a state of mind.  It makes sense though.  The world isn’t all as it should be.

I was glad to be with my friend David.  He didn’t know we were going to end up hanging out at a place like this (we got invited and stayed for a little bit) and afterward told me his concern for me and asked if I was okay.  Gosh I felt like the sheltered home-schooler that wasn’t comfortable with anything but then he told me he was not into the place and I felt better.  We had a great short conversation afterward by the car about the Gospel and how badly we all need to hear the good news.

Alcohol is temporary cure for an eternal problem. 

One of the coolest things about being a supervisor is getting to defy the norm as a female and really work on relationships with my coworkers, both men and women, and getting them all to see that I’m just as good as the guys.  I’m the first female manager my company’s had in a long time so it’s a lot of pressure but I’m looking forward to the challenge.