There is a weightlessness
when you let go of control
and bring yourself to

Why is it so attractive when he speaks car language to me, even though I can’t understand a single sentence?

Though you’re sometimes icky, I still miss our friendship, and I’m sad to see how deteriorated its become.  

I’ve been unloading and writing for hours as I still can’t hardly breathe. What is wrong with me?

"I don’t deserve this."

No one deserves a second chance, dear.  That’s why it’s called grace.

Why does “thank you” always lead up to “goodbye”?

Secret’s Out

On whims we design dispensaries meant to protect
the smallest hues of salmon, to remember these nights

And you need to see things, you need to see
my leather jacket, as proof of my lone wolf attitude

You need to see what you’re not touching,
what you could have been working toward

It needs to sting, not because you burned me, 
someday it will bite you back

I promise you’ll heal - once you know how I still
remain loyal, far beyond understanding or reason

poetry spilled ink writing creative writing

E sey

When we’re in the middle 
of an argument and you’re asking me to yell
it doesn’t make me want to yell and when I tell 
you I want to slap you I don’t want to

I want to forget everything
and ride off in the sunset
like we always have

spilled ink poetry